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Objectives of the training

At the end of the module, the trainees will be able to :

QualiPV Elec :

  • Advise a customer on the relevance of the PV installation
  • Dimension a coherent installation according to the needs of the customer and the environment
  • Carry out the installation and connection of a PV installation in compliance with the regulations and standards in force

Content of the training

  • Identify the market and the potential of solar radiation
  • Dimension and make technical choices in accordance with each type of site
  • Knowing the different solutions of implementation to the building and the expected production of a PV installation
  • Understand the functioning and the role of the inverter and the materials used to connect a PV installation
  • Identify the risks and means of prevention
  • Advise his client on technical, financial and other aspects
  • Design and size an installation
  • Organize the key points of the implementation and commissioning
  • Maintenance of installations
  • Advise his client on technical and financial aspects
  • Design and size a PV installation connected to the grid
  • Organize the proper implementation of a building installation
  • Know how to work safely (working at height and electrical work)
  • Know the solar thermal market in France and in Europe and the administrative and financial context
  • Know the individual applications of solar thermal and the different technologies of CESI
  • Know how to size, install and commission a CESI
  • Troubleshoot and maintain a CESI

Our trainings, your questions

Professionals wishing to acquire one or more RGE certifications related to the solar sector

Trainers approved by Qualit’Enr

Training alternates between theory and on-site situations

Qualt’ENR-approved teaching platforms

No specific modalities. Contact us for any questions. Our teams will give you an answer within 48 hours

Formative evaluation: MCQs, practical exercises, self-evaluation, peer evaluation

Ability to work at height, mastery of the 4 basic mathematical operations, driving license. Experience in the construction industry is preferred. Experience or a diploma as an electrician and/or roofer

In case of disability, please contact our team. Our disability advisor will get back to you to discuss your situation and consider your acceptance in the best conditions

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At the end of the training :

  • 70% of trainees have obtained their QUALIPV certification

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