A gesture to build human beings

Our history


Creation of the association BAO Formation


Organization and implementation of training courses leading to qualifications on the integration sites run by ACTA VISTA


Development of training courses in the field of old building heritage (outside ACTA VISTA's workcamps)

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Joining the Groupe SOS*


BAO Formation certified by the Office Professionnel de Qualification des organismes de Formation (OPQF)


First training courses for "Poseurs d'avenir" (training in the installation of photovoltaic panels, dedicated to job seekers)


BAO Formation certified Qualiopi


Partner of the HERO project - Heritage Ecological Restoration for inclusion Opportunities

Supported by ACTA VISTA, BAO Formation (France), Pour la Solidarité (Belgium), Dragodid (Croatia), Boulouki (Greece) and financed by the European Union, aiming at improving the training of trainers in the field of heritage restoration.


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Our missions, approaches & commitments

Training in the trades of yesterday and tomorrow

Thanks to our history in the restoration of heritage and old buildings, we are concerned with promoting these trades and encouraging the transmission of traditional know-how (stone cutting, lime plastering, dry stone walls, etc.).

Anchored in our time, we want to contribute to the energy transition of our societies, by supporting the solar industry, building insulation and promoting the use of bio-sourced materials.

Training for all

Accessible to all audiences (job seekers, employees in integration, professionals and individuals), our training courses are designed to be adaptable to the various situations encountered. Our pedagogical approach, which favors learning by doing, allows the greatest number of people, and more particularly those in precarious and fragile situations (job seekers, employees in integration), to acquire the skills necessary to implement their project. Our experience on ACTA VISTA’s integration sites has enabled us to develop this know-how and to allow many employees in integration to learn a building trade and to acquire a level 3 professional title.

Training to promote access to employment

Our training courses are mainly focused on trades and sectors in short supply, and aim to enable the acquisition of skills that are in demand on the job market. Thanks to our actions, particularly in the energy transition sector, we enable job seekers to train in emerging professions, with real employment opportunities in a fast-growing sector.

Professional and operational training

Our training courses are designed in conjunction with companies, in order to meet the requirements of the market and to train our trainees in the expected skills. It is also the guarantee of being trained on the techniques, equipment and materials used on the market.

A teaching method based on gestures

Our pedagogical approach is to encourage learning through action and in work situations. In addition to the theoretical sequences, we offer time for practical exercises, within the framework of educational platforms that recreate real situations encountered on site. This pedagogy allows the learner to implement what he has learned, to test it, to evaluate it and finally to be able to make his own adjustments. The anchoring of the acquired knowledge is thus favored and allows the learner to move towards autonomy.

This progression is accompanied by our pedagogical teams, composed of experienced multidisciplinary trainers, who know the requirements and constraints of each profession.

In addition, we provide socio-professional support to our trainees who are job seekers, in order to help them implement their project.

BAO Formation is an association of Groupe SOS

Groupe SOS is a non-profit group of social purpose organizations. Born in 1984 in France, to achieve the SDGs, Groupe SOS gathers 650 facilities, associations and social businesses.

Europe’s leader in social and solidarity economy, the Group brings local expertise to co-build projects and institutional reforms with public and private partners.

We fight, engage and innovate to drive systemic change for the most vulnerable people, future generations and fragile territories, and count about 2 million direct beneficiaries in over 40 countries.