Our training courses are eligible for financing from professional training funds. Depending on your situation and the type of training, different options are available to you:

You are a company

All our training courses are eligible for OPCO funding, as part of the Skills Development Plan. Contact your OPCO to find out about possible funding and how to implement it.

You do not know your OPCO?  Cliquez ici.  

Are you self-employed? Cliquez ici.

You are a job seeker

Some of our training courses are reserved for you! This is possible thanks to the commitment of the public authorities (State, Region etc.) at our side. 

The training courses benefiting from these public funds are identified in our catalog. In this case, please contact our services to check your eligibility to integrate these trainings and benefit from the adequate financing.

You are looking for a work-study program

Our degree programs* allow for the implementation of a work-study contract. Under a professionalization contract, you can train with us and put your learning into practice with your employer. Within the framework of a professionalization contract, the employee does not have to pay for the training. It is up to the company to contact its OPCO to consider financing the training.

More details on the professionalization contract? Cliquez ici.

For the list of OPCOs, cliquez ici

* Professional title: Old Building Mason, Professional title: Building Maintenance Agent, Professional title: Roofing Zinc Worker.

You have a project of evolution or professional transition?

Do you want to acquire new skills in your profession, evolve in your sector of activity, or retrain? Different options are available to you. In order to help you build your project, you can benefit from free support from a Professional Development Advisor (PDA). This person will also discuss with you the existing financing possibilities.

It should be noted that the financing available within the framework of professional transition is reserved only for training leading to certification (diplomas, professional titles, CQP, etc.). In order to verify the eligibility of your training for these funds, please contact our services or the Transition Pro center. nearest you

Your Personal Training Account (PTA) gives you access to a range of training programs and associated funding, ensuring all or part of the financing of your projects. In order to check the eligibility of the training courses and the status of your rights, please consult your CPF account.