For more information about this professional title (skills, prerequisites, gateways, job opportunities, links with other certifications etc.), please consult the France Compétences website : RNCP35302 – TP – Maçon du bâti ancien – France Compétences (francecompetences.fr)

Objectives of the training

At the end of the module, the trainees will be able to :

  • Know the elements of traditional masonry
  • Carry out the structural work in stone masonry
  • Respect the conservation and protection measures
  • Restore the built heritage

Content of the training

  • Carry out masonry work in old buildings
  • To carry out renderings in old buildings
  • Carrying out formwork in old buildings

 Our training courses, your questions

Jobseekers, employees on a professionalization contract, or those undergoing retraining who wish to acquire a professional title and become a mason in old buildings

Expert trainers, masons of old buildings, journeymen, stonemasons

Training alternating theory and practical exercises on educational platforms. Individual interviews of pedagogical progress

No specific modalities. Contact us for any question. Our teams will give you an answer within 48 hours

Formative evaluation: MCQs, practical exercises, self-evaluation, peer evaluation, mock exams

At the end of the training: presentation to the Professional Title exam (Level 3 – CAP/BEP). Possibility to validate one or more CCP

Mastery of key skills (reading, writing, counting)

Ability to carry heavy loads

In case of disability, please contact our teams. Our disability advisor will get back to you to discuss your situation and consider your acceptance in the best conditions

Sectors of activity concerned: renovation and restoration

Type of jobs available: mason of old buildings, mason, masonry workers specializing in the treatment of old building facades

Number of candidates presented (2023) : 78 trainees were presented for certification

At the end of the training: 86% of the trainees who took the exam obtained one or more CCP of the Old Building Mason title

Satisfaction rate: 14/20


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Page last updated on 23 April 2024

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