Pro module

The professional module is intended for professionals and companies in the building or solar sector who wish to deepen their skills and qualifications in the field of photovoltaics.

Objectives of the training

At the end of the training, the trainees will be able to:

  • Know the photovoltaic language
  • Know how to work in individual and collective safety on a PV site
  • Know how to install PV modules in compliance with the regulations and standards in force
  • Know how to make the electrical connection and commissioning of an installation
  • Know how to dimension an installation

Content of the training

  • Presentation of the profession (history and future of the PV sector, safety, regulations and standards, multi-skilled profession…)
  • Roofing and framing module: the language and the different types of framing
  • Electricity module: fundamentals and safety
  • Photovoltaic module: installation, connection and commissioning of residential PV installations
  • Construction* and Monitoring/maintenance/repair* (*only for the Central/Tertiary session)

Our trainings, your questions

Clearances: First aid at work (SST), wearing a harness for working at heights
Certifications: Electrical BrPV, QualiPV Elec or HP

Professionals wishing to acquire or develop skills in the installation of photovoltaic panels

Professional technical experts in photovoltaics, carpenters, electricians, rope access technicians, first aid workers

Training alternates between theory and on-site situations

Formative evaluation: MCQs, practical exercises, self-evaluation, peer evaluation.

Following the evaluation: delivery of a certificate of professional training on the ability to install photovoltaic panels.

+ QualiPV Elec certification for the Residential module, QualiPV HP certification for the Central/tertiary PV module

Ability to work at height, mastery of the 4 basic mathematical operations, driving license. Experience in the building industry is desirable. Experience or a diploma as an electrician and/or roofer

Pre-registration is mandatory on the Poseurs d’Avenir website. You will receive an answer from our teams within 48 hours

In case of disability, contact us to know the accessibility to the training according to our partners with disabilities.

Targeted jobs :

  • PV module installer
  • Maintenance and repair of PV installations
  • PV module installation team leader
  • Company creator

At the end of the training :

  • 100% of the trainees obtained their certificate of competence “Poseurs d’Avenir” (future installers)
  • 90% of trainees have obtained their QUALIPV certification

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Page last updated on 27 September 2023

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